Quick & easy breakfast ideas: Veggie scramble

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  • Wafa Alhousan

    Is it healthy with butter???

    • April Brown

      Manu Gmz I’m sorry about your grandfather. CVD is on both my paternal and maternal side of my family. My father just had a stroke last year, his younger brother died of a stroke and my paternal grandmother died from congestive heart failure. However, CVD is not caused by dietary fats (saturated or unsaturated). I am the only female on both sides of my family not on medication for either high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Elevated blood glucose (ie elevated insulin levels) caused by elevated carbohydrate consumption, stress, and/or a sedentary lifestyle lead to CVD. I also make sure my electrolytes are normal; which means I make sure I consume real salt.

    • Manu Gmz

      Did you read the “studies” he cites and drew your own conclusion, or just believed the guy, ‘cos he has MD next to his name? The first thing you learn in sociology is how a study is valid only after being replicated by different entities with similar results. There’s only one study showing coconut oil as being beneficial and it literally says at the end that they couldn’t control all the variables and further studies need to be made to figure it out. On the other hand, the studies showing saturated fats raise the risk for CVD have been replicated and yielded the same results. Now, of course you can believe whichever you want and eat whatever you want, but having buried a grandfather this year, after his replacement valve expired, I’m gonna stay away from everything that might be a risk.

    • Diamondtree31

      Manu Gmz “The coconut oil’s overall effect raised HDL
      while lowering triglycerides and small LDL cholesterol particles, which
      is definitely a good thing. Coconut oil provides other benefits such as lowering insulin levels,
      protecting against heart disease. The predominant fatty acid in coconut
      oil is lauric acid, which provides antimicrobial, antibacterial and
      antiviral benefits”. Source: http://drhyman.com/blog/2016/04/06/is-coconut-oil-bad-for-your-cholesterol/

    • Manu Gmz

      April Brown No, I just read the tons that say otherwise.

    • Manu Gmz

      Diamondtree31 Increases the bad one, too.

  • FitnessBlender

    We often eat this for breakfast, usually with a couple of pieces of fruit or toast on the side, or topped with avocado. So tasty! Don’t be afraid to switch out veggies to use your favorites, and you can always make this vegan by preparing with tofu instead of eggs. Something different works for each of us, so it’s important to not be afraid to make those changes that make it work for you. You should love the way your food tastes and it should make you feel great!

  • seitanismycopilot

    four eggs?? why not just smoke a pack of cigarettes instead, it’s better for your heart.

    • Wendy Beall

      seitanismycopilot m

    • FitnessBlender

      Deleted the parts of this conversation that were disrespectful or doing anything other than name calling…Please, if you want to participate in the community, try to contribute, and use real (check your sources) research, instead of alarmist, meaningless insults or one liners that ultimately mean nothing. It’s also something to keep in mind that for the studies you’re talking about, there are just as many or more that say the exact opposite. It’s good to keep an open mind and always be receptive to new information; debate is welcome here; disrespect is not.

  • Susma Dhakal

    I love how short and to the point they are!

  • Jarl Ballin'

    I just have Oatmeal every morning…

    • Jo score

      MooJoo5555 dude it’s supposed to be the other way around lol. Oatmeal is supposed to make u feel so full. That’s why they always say oatmeal is good because it takes longer time to digest.

    • Jarl Ballin'

      Moderation is good. I just kept reducing till I almost don’t have it anymore. It’s still fine once in a while, but like you mentioned, the main thing is to get away from the dairy reliant eating habits

    • Jo score

      Jarl Ballin’ I’m tryin to stop dairy, but it’s hard because I was accustomed since childhood to eating dairy products for breakfast. Cheese sandwich, cheese with tea and biscuits. Nevermind my dinner sometimes include milk for the cooking process etc. Anyway my question is how do you lead a completely free dairy lifestyle? Besides isn’t moderation key? I mean u don’t really have to cut dairy ENTIRELY out of ur diet. u won’t get obese/fat from eating dairy products once in awhile.

    • Jarl Ballin'

      There is no such thing as a “vegan” industry. I agree, milk can help if you’re malnourished, but when you’re healthy it will lead to obesity. Look, continue to live your life the way you want, I’m just saying the dairy free lifestyle has really improved my health…

  • Laura Borchmann

    That music just made my day ?

  • Angela M

    I love mushrooms!!!

  • Zee Negi

    Watching this is so satisfying…?

  • Suspicious Milk

    Replace eggs with firm tofu and nutritional yeast to make this vegan. x

    • Mit Mat

      Yup! Mash the tofu (or chickpeas that was cooked and rinsed) and mix with turmeric (I prefer curry powder), salt, pepper and nooch.it’s the bomb!

  • dana areda

    شو هي ??

  • أسراء الأصيل بغداديه

    وٌأّوٌ رؤؤعٌهّـ هّـأّيِّ أّلَآکْلَهّـ

  • Susan's Easy Recipes

    Very nice video. I love your workout and cooking videos ??

  • mehdi sakhi VLOG

    1 view

  • Jess Hammer

    Really liking all these recipe vids from you guys! <3 I also like the fact this was only 1 minute and not dragged out so unnecessarily long

  • 侯曉華

    @fitnessblender thanks for sharing!! There are tons of things I can substitute but just wondering is this for one person? 4 eggs sounds too much cholesterol!!

  • Ibrahim Rafid

    very ni e dish i will try it thnx(ur follower from iraq?)

  • Eirinakib13

    Is this for 2 people? cause you put it in one plate, but 4 egges seems a lot!

  • analuvsya1

    Those eggs look so orange and healthy! Yummy!

  • Virg Mari

    I wish I could eat eggs, but they upset my stomach ?

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