Harvest bowl with Chickpeas, Greens & Veggies – Eat Real Food!

Lose 5 pounds EVERY 7 days!

Printable recipe & more @ https://goo.gl/lmBQ4U
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  • FitnessBlender

    What recipes should we do next?

    • Heather S

      More packed lunches would be great, and another groceries haul would be awesome. I don’t know why looking at other people’s stuff is so addictive…!

    • Rachel Crump

      FitnessBlender recipe videos that go with your meal plans would be extra helpful. Sometimes seeing an example can help me understand the text more creatively πŸ™‚ Thanks for what you two do! It’s helped me better understand food and fitness and their relationship to each other and what my body needs. You are such an amazing team, and you’re enthusiasm and encouragement is always appreciated.

    • Joshua Fox

      FitnessBlender possible alkaline meals, zero percent acidic content for people with G.E.R.D.

    • Salina Cruz

      More plant-based/vegan recipes!!

    • Danny Boy

      More vegan glory!!!!

  • cendril2

    yes vegan ?????

  • Jade Cassidee

    Yay! A vegan friendly recipe! Looks yummy ?

  • Amylsrg

    I also suggest some recipes with beans or lentils as I’d like to learn how to better incorporate them into my diet. Also, do you know any good recipes that make use of fermented foods? I need more of those in my diet as well. Haha.. I guess I have a lot of suggestions…

  • Sheri Palmer

    I would appreciate more Vegan or Vegetarian recipes. Plant based food. That salad looks amazing. Will try for sure. Thank you.

  • ISayToMyself

    Well this looks good!

  • Stephen Nehls

    I live with two other housemates and we cook together. They are not into healthy eating but we don’t cook processed foods which is good. Its cheaper to cook with a group than when cooking alone. In other words, I don’t always eat healthy (fries, lots of pasta, bread, cheese, etc.) but I know when I’m full and know when to stop. I’ve been working out for a few years now and been with you for two years I think. I’m in good shape but could be better if I ate more healthy more often. I live in Germany so pastries, etc is abundant here. I would just like to know how often you guys really eat healthy with chicken breast, and salads, beans, etc. Like do you guys always eat that way? In a month, how often do you have a slice or two of cake, chocolates, or french fries, beer, etc. How often do you eat and drink “unhealthy” and how much do consume (2 beers a day, 2 slices of cake, etc). Or just in moderation? No guilty conscience? Its tough eating healthy all the time even if I want to because of housemates, parties, friends, etc. What are your thoughts and views on this topic? I think there are many people who feel the same.

    • Stephen Nehls

      +FitnessBlender Thank you! Funny thing is that I’ve seen that video twice and I loved it. I agree with your points. But after watching it again now, it has more of an impact on me than when I watched it before. I guess its because it has become more of an issue for me now or I just need to be reminded at times by normal fitness people like you (the only normal fitness couple) that its okay to have fries or beer, etc and everything in moderation without feeling guilty about it and all the other things you mentioned. Thank you.

    • Stephen Nehls

      +Douglas Jones Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it. Its not really about me craving for it but rather the cooking chemistry in the kitchen with other people who are not into eating that healthy. But its not an everyday thing. I should not be breaking my head over two unhealthy meals or so in a week. My portions are controlled so I know when to stop. But yeah, thanks.

    • Douglas Jones

      Stephen Nehls I know I am not them, but they have said they usually have one “cheat” meal a week. But, you should really just not try to be so strict about it. Like yes do not eat unhealthy every single meal, but if you have an unhealthy meal like twice in a week, don’t worry about it. So, from videos I have watched, they said they eat real food and stuff like this most of the time, with the occasional treat meal when they want. Also, when you start eating healthy, you will notice you are not going to crave those un healthy foods as much. Your body wants veggies and fruits, not little debbie’s naturally haha. So, like it will be hard at first but soon you won’t need to have those treats as often.

  • blueburryrox

    Have you guys ever considered a plant-based diet? Awesome recipe, thank you!?

  • S Voot

    Love that this is vegan and high in protein πŸ™‚

  • Penelope416

    Do another sexy vegan meal.

  • jessicajohn92

    Can you guys do some snack ideas and recipes? Including store bought items. I never know what bars and shakes are best

  • lorneparkmom

    Keep the recipes coming! So good. I would love to see some meal prep ideas X

  • (StyleME) StyleBitsnBobs

    This looks delicious – chickpeas are so good!

  • Helen Moniaki

    What a coincidence I had chickpeas today!!

  • Lenilce Mary Fernandes

    Γ³tima receita parabΓ©ns….

  • Amy J

    Absolutely love the recent flood of recipe videos on your channel, it is so helpful and long may it continue! πŸ™‚

  • Luhlee


  • Rawzgood

    looks delicious

  • Amy Ward

    Love the healthy recipes. Keep them coming x

  • jh0su3 M0l1n4

    Hello you know I follow your channel for a while I like your routines I would like if it is not too much annoyance that you did a routine with rope jumps

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