32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment – Calorie Blasting Cardio Training

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  • Inara Shiraz

    Dont hate me but im obese and just 5 minutes into the video, i couldnt breathe one bit.I have to always take more breaks instead of 5 seconds like in the video. Is that ok?

    • Cathy Garvey

      keep moving! work at your own pace. you can do it!

    • Mearra Franklin

      Perfectly normal. I’m a female powerlifter who isn’t big on cardio or conditioning work, and I did this a while ago, and stopped about 5 total times. Whatever it is, just don’t quit. Your body will adapt and eventually you could do 3, 30 min videos back to back.

    • Siel8387

      keep going don’t give up. stick to your goals.

    • hoosieraussis1

      Modify the exercises, and don’t try and keep up with her pace. Do it a a pace that gets your heart pumping, but is comfortable for you. Don’t give up!

  • born in Houston tx

    died at 17:22 took a three minutes brake is that ok

  • Demetria Samantha

    Starting this today who else will? Let’s check up on each other. I think I’ll be doing this once or twice a week I really have a busy schedule but I’m cutting down my food intake. So I guess that would work? What do you guys think. If anyone’s got a tip and know if working out once or twice a week is enough pls tell me. I really want to lose weight and finally be comfortable with my own skin. ????

    • Caitlin Marie

      This comment is probably late in the game, but you need to be eating more than 1,000 calories. Doctors say for basic health and fitness training that you shouldn’t be consuming less than 1,200. Otherwise, your body can go into starvation mode and actually hold onto every and all calorie it gets. And in terms of the Demetria comment, she may not know, but she is actually doing her body a huge problem by only eating breakfast and lunch with no snacking in between. She will lose tons of weight at first, then none, and then will back it on again. By eating so little, she is slowing down her metabolism which will make is so that her body is burning less calories while at rest, and also hold onto those calories because her body doesn’t know when she’ll get her next meal. If you do this 3-4 times a week, drink lots of water and eat healthy, then you will see the difference. For breakfast, eats food like eggs, bananas, yogart, apples, oatmeal, etc. I don’t eat oatmeal because how it feels, but if you like it, it’s a great breakfast food. For lunch, chicken salads are always great. Lettuce, feta cheese, grilled chicken, black olives, and some low fat dressing or an olive oil and vinegar mixture is yummy. For a snack in between lunch and dinner, fruit smoothies are great. You can have more yogart, string cheese, carrots with some lower fat dip. I love guac, but chips can be really salty. So to get that ‘crunch’ from chips I dip guac in sliced cucumber as a snack. Dinner is SO important. Choose a meat like chicken, salmon, etc. You can grill it in a pan or bake it in the over with salt, pepper, garlic and some lemon sliced on it for a ‘lemon herb’ chicken. Now you can get those carbs and starch in! I’ll eat green beans on the side, or corn, and for the carbs I’ll do some rice pilaf or seasoned potato. Good luck! Just do you research! 🙂

    • Hannah Baker

      Lucie Kahounová oh this was some time ago
      i finally get that you cant lose weight starving?don’t worry i am not going to do that,i will egt my body the calories it needs

    • Lucie Kahounová

      Auntie Olga are you a psycho? Like this your body will be malnutritioned. You can’t lose weight permanently this way, you’ll gain it back.. Furthermore, your body gets damaged, ugh! Why do people still do this

    • Pink Potato

      Did you do it?

    • Demetria Samantha

      Auntie Olga girl the first week I didn’t even do workout and that’s the most I lost weight. Right now I’m doing both work out and diet but when I started working out I started craving really bad too so now, I bought a detox drink and eat but still try to avoid junk food and stuff. Girl u can do it!!!! Let’s do it together sometimes I get out of control and eat too much but I make sure to work out the next day or after eating out and getting home. ?❤️ I go to the gym once a week bec of very busy schedule and at school we have soccer. That’s about all the work out I do.

  • Hopefully faithful

    I’ve been doing this every day for ten days and I’ve lost wait and almost completely cleared my acne!!!

  • bentlee718

    Died at 16 minutes. Will continue in after life ?

  • Sollertia


  • Mariana Perez

    I weight over 300 pounds, but I’m trying really hard to lose weight, I’ve been on a diet, and I wanna exercise, but don’t have money for a gym or a personal instructor, some of those exercises in the video are kinda impossible for me to do because of my weight. Is it ok if I repeat some of the ones I can do? Or maybe mix them? I don’t know…

  • Roger Thornhill

    Great post , it’s good to be healthy.

  • Chera Zr

    i did 16 minutes of this i almost had a heart attack so i stopped,currently i weigh 119pounds but i have cellulite and i need to tone up and have round butts,i been following a vegan lifestyle plus squating 40 times a day and 30 minutes of exercise,hope it works!

  • Kevin Santos

    First time working out I’m really proud I did the whole thing

  • Blue Jeans

    I’ve just started this, can someone tell me if this actually works and how many times a day I should do this? Thanks 🙂

    • Blue Jeans

      reza sahendri Thanks will go check it out lol

    • Blue Jeans

      Tee Oh Thanks so much! Ikr… I dunno how she keeps talking and stuff I legit died the first time I did this…

    • Tee Oh

      I would say if you’re just starting to work out then do this a few times a week til you feel comfortable. If you’ve been working out then I would switch up their vids. They have a plenty of vids to keep it fresh. I usually do 2 of fitnessblenders vids each time I work out, a cardio and a specific target area. This particular vid definitely had me sweating though!

  • iiSuperWomanii fan 77

    How many days do you have to do this to lose 50 pounds?? Please I really need to know?

    • Nikiforos Sarantoglou

      That’s 2 years not 3! xD But you made your point clear.

    • Marla Singer

      There is no determinated(?) time to loose 50 punds. It depends on so many things. What do you eat, what do you drink, which somatotype you are. Just don´t stop until you reached you goal. Good Luck
      I hope you understand what i mean im not englisch 😀

  • Naledi Moleo

    15 minutes in and I can’t breathe… will try again tomorrow. Thanks… #SmokerLungs

  • Cameron Tarantino

    started good then 16:06 imma go out to eat

  • D'ya Francois

    So how many days would I have to do this before I see results? Could I do different videos throughout the week instead of having to just do the same work-out video everyday? Becuase I get really bored with doing the same work-outs continuously.

    • D'ya Francois

      Katherine Easton OK, thank you for the advice and tips.

    • Katherine Easton

      D’ya Francois It’s a good idea to do different videos. This way you don’t get bored and your body isn’t always working the same muscles. You have to change it up to help keep pushing yourself. It’s good to do cardio 3 or 4 times a week and strength training 2 or 3 times a week and to have one or two rest days. Or you can do low impact videos on the rest days or yoga. Everyone’s body is different so you may see changes in a week or in a month. Eat healthy and clean and do the videos 5 or 6 times a week. Kelli (girl in the video) suggests trying to burn 500 calories from your diet and 500 from excerise to see quicker weight loss. It takes about 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat.

  • Dona Collaku

    I wanna do this but i don’t want to build muscles i just wanna lose weight and to be thin. help 🙁

  • beautybytay

    day 2❤now I’m finna to do the kick boxing or the butt workout


    I survived the 2nd day! wohooo!

  • Nicholas B


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